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The United Kingdom, and other European countries, want people to start/run their own businesses. They believe it will help their ____________.
a) Economy
b) Tax rates
c) Inflation
d) Depression

The Treaty of Versailles blamed ______________ for WWI.
a) Russia
b) France
c) Italy
d) Germany

The US didn't want to join the League of Nations because it _________________.
a) Start another war
b) Override American interests
c) Build their headquarters in London
d) Cost too much in dues

People began a revolt against the Russian gov't because of the __________________
a) Timber prices
b) Food shortages
c) Inflation
d) Treaty of Versailles

Prince Henry wanted to find a sea route around Africa for the ______________ in Asia.
a) Gold
b) Furs
c) Spices
d) Timber

___________________ was assasinated and led to the beginning of WWI.
a) Henry Hudson
b) Franz Ferdinand
c) Vladimir Lenin
d) Czar Nicholas II

Which of these did not lead to the beginning of WWI?
a) Militarism
b) Nationalism
c) Imperialism
d) Exploration

Because of the large amounts of pollution from cars and factories, the Germans have problems with _________________
a) Inflation
b) Acid rain
c) Tourism

A nuclear reactor explosion in ____________________ contaminated the water and soil.
a) Chernobyl
b) United Kingdom
c) Germany
d) Russia

Investing in newer equipment for your business will make it better. This is an investment in ____________.
a) Human capital
b) Natural resources
c) Capital goods
d) Tourism

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