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What are 2 networking resources?
a) school & family and friends
b) restaurants & the mall
c) location specific & company specific
d) newspaper & bulletin boards

Which are two printed resources for networking?
a) books & magazines
b) employment agencies & schools
c) newspaper & bulletin boards
d) graphs & charts

What percentage of acquiring job leads is the highest?
a) job ads
b) Networking
c) Employment agencies
d) Direct employer contact

What is the percentage of acquiring job leads for networking?
a) 24%
b) 23%
c) 5%
d) 48% is an example of which type of job search website?
a) general
b) location specific
c) company
d) career field

Which is an example of using a career fair network resource to look for employment?
a) talking with employers
b) browsing the internet
c) looking through the want ads
d) creating a help wanted sign

Which is an example of using the school resources network to look for employment?
a) informing your grandmother about a job search
b) creating a community ad about a job search
c) talking with business people about a job search
d) informing your computer teacher about a job search

In what printed networking resource would you find "classified ads?"
a) bulletin board
b) flyer
c) newspaper
d) hjm newsletter

Which classified ad abbreviations is Comm?
a) commission
b) community
c) communication
d) comment

Which would be a professional email address to use if you were applying for jobs on the internet?

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