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When a new user applies an existing innovation developed for one purpose in a different function.
a) Technology Transfer
b) Transgifuration
c) Distribution
d) Technological Distribution

a geodesic dome is constructed of a series of _______________ assembled to create a sphere-shaped structure.
a) Triangles
b) Hexagons
c) Octagons
d) Semi-Circles

He applied the geodesic dome design to patent a new and improved soccer ball.
a) Buckminster Fuller
b) Sir Walter Wright
c) Charles Evans III
d) William Fullterton

Some side effects of technology transfer may turn out to be ______________ to some of the population and therefore lead to conflict between groups.
a) unacceptable
b) acceptable
c) annoying
d) deliberate

____________ is a specific problem-solving approach that is used intensively in business and industry to prepare devices and systems for the marketplace
a) Research and Development
b) Innovations
c) Inventions
d) Universal System

__________________ are the results of specific, goal-oriented research.
a) Inventions and innovations
b) Problem Solving
c) False accusations
d) Refinements

The _____________ of any given technology may be different for different groups of people and at different points of time.
a) Value
b) Understanding
c) Design
d) Problem

The human ability to shape the future comes from a capacity for generating knowledge and developing new technologies—and for _______________ ideas to others.
a) communicating
b) describing
c) organizing
d) understanding

Design of and demand for various technologies are impacted by social, economic, political, and ___________ factors.
a) environmental
b) cultural
c) governmental
d) uncommon

Decisions regarding the implementation of technologies involve the weighing of______________ between predicted positive and negative effects on the environment.
a) trade-offs
b) problems
c) devices
d) products

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