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The phrase product corresponds to which operation
a) additon
b) multiplication
c) division
d) subtraction

The word qutioent corresponds to what operation.
a) addition
b) subtraction
c) mutliplicatin
d) division

What is an algebraic expression for the word phrase 11 more than a number S.
a) 11/s
b) 11S
c) S+11
d) 11-s

What is an algebrai expression for the word phrase the product of 9 and A
a) 9-A
b) 9A
c) 9+A
d) 9/A

Hannah has 60 stamps. Tim is coming over with stamps. What expressions represents the total number of stamps they will have.
a) 60+T
b) 60-T
c) 60T
d) 60/T

What is the simplified form of (6^2 +3) -15
a) 25
b) 0
c) 24
d) 12

What is the simplified form of -4d^2+15d^2 * 5 D=1
a) 65
b) 44
c) 55
d) 57

Which of the following statements are not always true.
a) a+(-b)= -b+a
b) (a+b) + (-c) = a +(b +(c))
c) -(-a) = a
d) a- (-b) = (-b)-a

What property is illustrated by the equation (8+2) +7 = (2+8) +7
a) comunitive
b) associative
c) distributive
d) identity property of addition

Which is equivalent to -a *b
a) a*(-b)
b) b-a
c) (-a)(-b)
d) a+b= b+a

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