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If one organism is hurt and the other gains, what is that called?
a) Parasitism
b) Symbiosis
c) Commensalism
d) Mutualism

The fungi and algae are in a relationship (called lichen) in which they both gain from it. What is this called?
a) mutualism
b) parasitism
c) predator and prey
d) commensalism

What is it called when one organism gains and nothing happens to the other one?
a) Commensalism
b) parasitism
c) predator and prey
d) Mutualism

What is it called when two organisms fight for the same resource (food, shelter, or a mate)?
a) competition
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) symbiosis

The name scientists give the special relationships between two organisms is...
a) symbiosis
b) commensalism
c) mutualism
d) parasitism

A squirrel eats a nut from a chestnut tree. The squirrel gets food and the tree gets nothing (and isn\'t hurt either). What is this relationship called?
a) commensalism
b) competition
c) parasitism
d) mutualism

A tick lives on a deer and gets energy from the deer while the deer is harmed. What role does the deer have in this relationship?
a) host
b) predator
c) prey
d) parasite

A flatworm lives inside of frogs and causes the frogs to develop extra legs (which hurts the frog\'s ability to hunt). What is this called?
a) parasitism
b) predator and prey
c) commensalism
d) mutualism

When a dog hunts and eats a rabbit, what is the rabbit considered?
a) prey
b) predator
c) parasite
d) host

In nature, a lion eats a zebra. What is this called?
a) predator and prey
b) parasitism
c) mutualism
d) commensalism

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