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What is the scientific method used for
a) to help organize papers about science
b) to help explain why things happen the way that they do
c) to allow scientists to share their work
d) Specifically for Science Fairs

the first step in the scientific method is to.....
a) list the mateirals
b) state your hypothesis
c) find or state the problem
d) none of the above

When you think about getting stating a hypothesis for your question or problem you...
a) research information to help you make an educated decision
b) test the problem on your own first
c) think about what might happen only
d) begin by asking your teacher

What is an inference?
a) It is a hypothesis.
b) It is totally random.
c) It is deciding which variable to change.
d) It is a conclusion based on observations.

A hypothesis is an...
a) given at the end of an experiment
b) a fact
c) educated guess
d) none of the above

In an experiment what is a variable?
a) it is the thing that is manipulated or that changes.
b) It is the subject of the lab.
c) It is often wrong.
d) the feedback you get from the lab.

True of False: Most experiments should be repeated a few times to rul out error.
a) True
b) False

What is a THEORY in science?
a) It is a hypothesis.
b) It is a hypothesis that has been repeatedly proven in tests over again.
c) It is a conclusion, that matches a hypothesis..
d) It is only an educated guess.

a) not really
b) of course there is
c) Gravity
d) Planets and Solar System

Is the scientific method used only for science fair experiments?
a) yes
b) no

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