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Regulations aimed at protecting the environment
a) have no costs to business.
b) are always effective.
c) cost businesses money, but that cost is deemed to be worth it.
d) always cost businesses more than it benefits the environment.

A written grant of agency authority is called
a) apparent authority
b) power of attorney
c) implied authority
d) limited power of attorney

Which of these is NOT necessary for a legally enforceable contract?
a) A written document with all the terms of the agreement.
b) Offer and acceptance of the same terms.
c) Consideration.
d) Legal subject matter.

Which of these is NOT covered by the Statute of Frauds?
a) Contracts involving marriage (prenuptials)
b) Contracts for the sale of land
c) Contracts that take longer than one year to perform.
d) Contracts for items that do not exist.

A remedy for a breached contract in which the breaching party is required to do what it promised is called
a) rescission and restitution.
b) specific performance.
c) consequential damages.
d) mitigation.

Which of these would make a contract to build a house unenforceable?
a) All of the builder's employees quit.
b) The price of building supplies increases dramatically after the contract is made.
c) The buyer is unable to pay.
d) A hurricane destroys the piece of land on which it was to be built.

Sources of job satisfaction include
a) assignments employees do not like.
b) recognition from supervisors for a job well done.
c) ineffective communication.
d) poor working conditions.

This federal law prohibits job discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender and national origin.
a) Civil Rights Act of 1964
b) Age Discrimination Act of 1967
c) Fair Hiring Act of 1983
d) Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Which of the following emphasizes the importance of self-actualization and is often pictured as a pyramid?
a) Herzberg's Motivational Theory
b) Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
c) Sigmund Freud's Dream Theory
d) B.F. Skinner's Operant Conditioning

The process of choosing which wants, among several options, will be satisfied.
a) None of these
b) Opportunity Cost
c) Tradeoff
d) Economic decision-making

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