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The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called
a) genetics.
b) heredity.
c) development.
d) maturation.

Basic unit of heredity.
a) allele
b) chromosome
c) gene
d) DNA

If a red and a white carnation flowers were crossbred, the resulting flowers would be
a) pink, because carnations are codominant.
b) white, because that color would be dominant.
c) pink, because carnations are incomplete dominant.
d) red, because that color would be dominant.

What would be the blood type of a person who inherited an A allele from one parent and an O allele from the other?
a) Type A, because A is dominant and O is recessive.
b) Type AO, because A and O are codominant.
c) Type AB, because A and B are dominant.
d) Type O, because A is recessive and O is dominant.

If widow's peak (W) is dominant over no widow's peak (w). What's the probability that offspring of a hetero parent & a homo recessive parent will be homo recessive?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 75%

If dimples (D) is dominant over no dimples(d) and two parents are heterozygous for this trait, what is the probability that the offspring will have dimples?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

If a child has a disorder that neither of the parents have, then
a) the disorder is autosomal recessive and both parents are heterozygous.
b) the disorder is autosomal recessive and one of the must be homozygous recessive.
c) the disorder is autosomal dominant and one of the parents is a carrier.
d) the disorder could be x-linked and received from a carrier father.

A son does not have a sex-linked disorder, yet his mother was a carrier and his father and the disease. How is this possible?
a) A son can't receive x-linked genes from a father so it is irrelevant that his father a disorder.
b) A carrier mother is heterozygous and therefore contains both a recessive & dominant allele.
c) A son could receive a recessive from mother & get the disorder since he only receives one allele.
d) All of the above

Huntingtons is a dominant autosomal disease. If your mother was Hh, father was hh, spouse was hh and child was Hh, what is your genotype/phenotype?
a) Hh with the disorder.
b) Hh without the disorder.
c) hh without the disorder.
d) hh with the disorder.

If a characteristic is sex-linked, it
a) occurs most commonly in males.
b) occurs only in females.
c) can never occur in females.
d) is always fatal.

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