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What does "keelhaul" mean?
a) to haul under the keel of a ship and punish
b) to walk the plank of the ship
c) to throw overboard from a ship
d) to haul out with the trash

These people carried a machine gun and smoked a cigar.
a) gangsters
b) the military men
c) the policemen
d) the mofia

Which tells what the word "warp" means?
a) to turn into something else
b) to go into the future
c) to move to a new place
d) the bend out of shape

Which synonyms for the word "smart" were used in the book?
a) genius and brilliant
b) genius and superior
c) brilliant and incredible
d) intelligent and brilliant

How do we know that Fred was starting to look a little hysterical?
a) his face turned bright red and his mouth hung open
b) his glasses were crooked and he cried
c) his hair sprouted in every direction and he squeaked
d) his eyes popped out and his hair stood straight up

What word is an adjective for someone you may not trust when you first see them?
a) suspicious
b) untrustworthy
c) criminal
d) guilty

Which word was used to imply that Teddy Bear was angry?
a) suspicious
b) fuming
c) hysterical
d) shocked

This word was used to describe someone who was up against a wall in fear.
a) stuck
b) crammed
c) plastered
d) glued

Some people have this removed surgically when it becomes infected.
a) a lung
b) the liver
c) the appendix
d) a rotten tooth

These words were used to describe a big pile of books that fell down the stairs.
a) a huge avalanche
b) a giant mudslide
c) a humongous rockslide
d) a mountainous rockslide

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