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What is the process by which weathered material is removed and carried from a place?
a) abrasion
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) deflation

What is the process by which material carried by erosion is dropped in new places?
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) abrasion
d) deflation

What is the downhill movement of weathered materials caused by gravity?
a) talus
b) abrasion
c) erosion
d) mass erosion

What is a pile of rock particles that collects at the base of a slope?
a) talus
b) sediment
c) till
d) delta

What is a long, narrow deposit of sand connected at one end to the shore?
a) sandbar
b) loess
c) spit
d) sand dune

What is the removal of loose material from Earth's surface by wind?
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) abrasion
d) deflation

What is the wearing away of rock particles by wind and water?
a) erosion
b) deposition
c) deflation
d) abrasion

What is a large hole in the ground formed when the roof of a cavern collapses?
a) cave
b) sinkhole
c) lake
d) limestone

What is rock material that is deposited by a glacier?
a) till
b) erratic
c) loess
d) talus

What is a ridge of till deposited by a glacier?
a) talus
b) drumlin
c) moraine
d) sediment

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