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Which formula represents a molecular solid?
a) NaCl
b) C6H12O6
c) Cu
d) KF

As a bond between a hydrogen atom and a sulfur atom is formed, electrons are
a) shared to form an ionic bond
b) shared to form a covalent bond
c) transferred to form an ionic bond
d) transferred to form a covalent bond

Which type of bonding involves positive ions immersed in a sea of mobile electrons?
a) ionic
b) nonpolar covalent
c) polar covalent
d) metallic

Sodium hydride and sodium chloride both have bonds which are primarily
a) metallic
b) ionic
c) covalent
d) network

Metallic bonding occurs between atoms of
a) fluorine
b) neon
c) sulfur
d) copper

Quartz and diamonds are best described as
a) molecular substances with coordinate covalent bonding
b) molecular substances with ionic bonding
c) network solids with covalent bonding
d) network solids with ionic bonding

Which type of bond is formed when an ammonia molecule accepts a proton (H+)?
a) ionic
b) electrovalent
c) coordinate covalent
d) metallic

The bonds in the compound MgSO4 can be described as
a) ionic, only
b) covalent, only
c) both ionic and covalent
d) neither ionic nor covalent

What is the total number of pairs of electrons shared in a molecule of N2?
a) one pair
b) two pairs
c) three pairs
d) four pairs

Which type of bonding is found in all molecular substances?
a) covalent bonding
b) hydrogen bonding
c) ionic bonding
d) metallic bonding

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