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Which blood type is considered the universal donor?
a) O-
b) AB+
c) A-
d) B+

Which blood type is the universal recipient?
a) O-
b) AB+
c) A-
d) B+

Which antibodies are found in the plasma of a person with type A blood?
a) anti-A, but not anti-B
b) anti-B, but not anti-A
c) neither anti-A nor anti-B
d) both anti-A and anti-B

Red blood cells that do not contain either A or B antigens on their surface are normally found in the person with blood type
a) A
b) B
c) AB
d) O

Under which circumstances will an antigen-antibody reaction occur?
a) A person with type A blood is given type O blood
b) A person with type O blood is given type A blood
c) A person with type AB blood is given type B blood
d) A person with type AB blood is given type O blood

Human blood types in the ABO blood group are identified by
a) a series of enzyme controlled reactions
b) microscopic examination of white blood cells
c) antigen-antibody reactions
d) clotting factors in the plasma

Whole blood of type O may be safely given to people with which types of blood?
a) A and B only
b) AB and A only
c) O and B only
d) A, B, AB, and O

When typing blood, a positive reaction
a) shows clumping
b) shows which antigens are present
c) helps you deduce what blood type the sample is
d) all of the above

With respect to the ABO blood group, a transfusion of AB blood may be give to a person who has blood type
a) A
b) B
c) AB
d) O

If a blood type ends in + (positive) that means
a) you are positive you know your blood type
b) you are positive in your attitude
c) you are positive for an Rh protein
d) nothing, but + at the end looks really cool

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