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which of the following has the least mass
a) electrons
b) neutron
c) proton
d) nucleus

An atom of carbon with 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons would have a mass number of
a) 12
b) 6
c) 15
d) 18

Periodic Law States that
a) properties of elements change periodically with the elements' atomic numbers.
b) some elements only stay in a liquid state for short periods.
c) mercury is a liquid at room temperature.
d) elements are either gases, solids, or liquids.

the elements to the right of the zig zag line on the period table are called
a) nonmetals
b) metals
c) metalloids
d) conductors

most metals are.
a) solid at room temperature.
b) dull
c) not malleable
d) bad conductors oe electric current

how do the physical and chemical properties of the elements chanfe?
a) across each period.
b) within a group.
c) within a family
d) across each group.

what is necessary for substances to burn?
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) helium
d) carbon

Mendeleev of elements that do not have individual names are called the
a) transition metals
b) alkali metals
c) alkaine-earth metals
d) nonmetals

Diamond and soot are very different, yet both are natuarl forms of
a) carbon
b) nickel
c) boron
d) copper

What elements is used to make the widely used compound in the chemical industry?
a) sulfur
b) tellurium
c) selenium
d) polonium

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