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The Dust Bowl was located in the ___________ United States
a) central
b) topsoil
c) fireside
d) Great Depression

When the droughts came, wind swept up the dry_____________, causing the Dust Bowl
a) topsoil
b) central
c) soup
d) first letters

The years following the stock market crash were called the ______________
a) Great Depression
b) first letters
c) fireside
d) topsoil

Some people without money could get free meals at places called________ kitchens
a) soup
b) top soil
c) Great Depression
d) fireside

Some workers formed groups called_________ to bargin with company owners for better wadges and working conditions
a) workers' unions
b) labor unions
c) alphabet agencies
d) stock exchange

People can buy and sell stock at the __________.
a) stock exchange
b) Federal Reserve
c) United States Mint
d) workers' union

When a person removes money from a bank account, he ________ it.
a) withdraws
b) deposits
c) invests
d) stock exchange

A person can purchase items on credit and pay it back in small
a) installments
b) shares
c) dividends
d) stock exchange

Profits received from a stock market investment are called ___________.
a) dividends
b) shares
c) installments
d) deposits

A person can become a partial owner of a company by buying______________ of that company's stock.
a) shares
b) dividends
c) profit
d) installments

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