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Who purposed the two-house legislature?
a) Roger Sherman
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Gregory Matthews

Which state favorite the smaller states during the compromise?
a) Maryland
b) New Jersey
c) Virginia
d) North Carolina

Which state favorite the larger states during the compromise?
a) California
b) Washington
c) New York
d) Virginia

How old do you have to be in order to vote?
a) 18 or older
b) 10 years old
c) 6 years old
d) 17 years old

What is another requirement in order to vote in the US?
a) You must know all the Presidents of the US.
b) Your parents must pay taxes.
c) You must be a United States citizens.
d) You must be from another country.

Which state has the most electoral votes?
a) North Carolina
b) Washington
c) New York
d) California

What are two main parties of the US?
a) The Green Party and the Reform Party
b) Democrats and Republicans
c) Libertarian Party and Democrats
d) Republicans and Reform Party

What is one of the Presidents responsibilties ?
a) sign bills and ground kids for misbehavior
b) pay taxes and play basketball
c) Enforce laws and sign bills into law
d) throw a party and speak at your high school

Who is the president of the US Senate?
a) Speaker of the House
b) The Vice President
c) The jPresident
d) Mr. Matthews

How many electoral votes must the President receive to win?
a) 17
b) 2700
c) 27
d) 270

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