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The careful study of management decisions and procedures in order to improve the operation of businesses and organizations is called
a) management science.
b) decision science.
c) operational science.
d) business science.

Staffing and implementing are normally performed by which level of management?
a) executives
b) mid-management
c) supervisors
d) non-managers

Managers using which leadership style are the most flexible in their approach?
a) democratic
b) open
c) autocratic
d) situational

Which of these is NOT a common leadership characteristic?
a) objectivity
b) inflexibility
c) dependability
d) stability

What is the first step in the decision-making process?
a) Define the problem
b) Identify possible solutions
c) Choose a solution
d) Reflect on your choice

Which of these is NOT a strategy for dealing with conflict?
a) win/lose
b) multicultural
c) avoidance
d) compromise

Which law requires that pre-employment testing must be related to job requirements?
a) Equal Pay Act of 1963
b) Fair Hiring Act of 1983
c) Employment Non-Discrimination Act
d) Civil Rights Act of 1964

Which of these is NOT a characteristic of effective employee training?
a) It does not pose a great cost to the company.
b) It allows plenty of practice time.
c) It is related to knowledge the employee already has.
d) It is interesting to the employee.

Which of these is NOT a normal reason to transfer an employee?
a) The employer needs people in a different area due to changes in product demand or staffing levels.
b) To better meet an employee's interests and needs.
c) To give the employee a chance to develop new skills and possibly advance to management.
d) The employee is too highly skilled in his/her current area.

Employers are NOT legally required to do which of these?
a) Ensure employees have safe working conditions.
b) Ensure employees have comfortable working conditions.
c) Give employees time off to attend to certain family medical situations.
d) Compensate employees at least the legally set minimum.

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