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A pot can be heated when it is held over a fire. In the same way, the Earth is heated by the Sun. This is an example of which type of heat transfer?
a) convection
b) conduction
c) insulation
d) radiation

The water inside of a pot can be heated to a boil as the particles of water move around throughout the pot. This is an example of which type of heat transfer?
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) insulation

The lightbulbs in our classroom turn on by the flick of a switch. Which of the following explains why this happens?
a) The lightbulb is rotated so that mechanical energy is created.
b) The lightbulb is connected to a circuit that allows electrical energy to flow through it.
c) The lightbulb is the site of a chemical reaction that produces light.
d) The lightbulb is heated until it starts to give off light.

When it becomes part of an electrical circuit, which of the following items has the ability to transform electricity into sound?
a) dog whistle
b) television
c) ceiling fan
d) lightbulb

The temperature inside a room is about 20 degrees Celsius; however, it is snowing outside. People inside the room are able to stay warm because they have transformed electrical energy into
a) mechanical energy.
b) chemical energy.
c) thermal energy.
d) kinetic energy.

According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, in all energy transformations, the total amount of energy
a) disappeared when it turned into another type of energy.
b) remained the same when it turned into another type of energy.
c) decreased when it transformed.
d) increased when it transformed.

Plants use photosynthesis to create their own food. This involves which of the following energy transformations?
a) solar to kinetic energy
b) solar to chemical energy
c) solar to mechanical energy
d) solar to electrical energy

Which of the following is NOT a way to increase the strength of an electromagnet?
a) increase the number of coils around the core
b) increase the voltage of the battery
c) decrease the number of batteries
d) wrap the coils closer together

The purpose of a simple electric motor is to transform electrical energy into
a) mechanical energy.
b) solar energy.
c) chemical energy.
d) potential energy.

Which of the following is NOT a source of chemical energy?
a) gasoline
b) a hamburger
c) a match
d) a rolling ball

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