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Which pair of words is incorrect?
a) black bear - carnivore
b) lion- carnivore
c) pig- omnivore
d) grasshopper- herbivore

Which of the following means eats other lower animals?
a) producer
b) consumer
c) parasite
d) symbiotic

Which of the following is NOT a biotic factor
a) earthworm
b) bacteria
c) sunlight
d) algae

Habitat is a place where an organism lives and that provides the type of food, shelter, moisture, and temperature needed to survive.
a) true
d) false

A producer is an organism that cannot create energy-rich molecules.
a) true
d) false

Global temperatures are expected to rise in the coming years if we do not act to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
a) true
d) false

A wolf would compete most directly with which organism?
a) chipmunk
b) coyote
c) hawk
d) weasel

Which of these is a consumer?
a) squirrel
b) tree
c) sunlight
d) algae

The role a species plays within a community is known as its ______.
a) niche
b) symbiotic
c) producer
d) occupation

The organisms of one species living together in the same place at the same time are a ______.
a) organism
b) ecosystem
c) community
d) population

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