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A person given an injection containing only antibodies would most likely develop
a) passive immunity
b) cancer
c) allergies
d) active immunity

Which substances may form in the human body due to invaders entering the blood?
a) antibodies
b) red blood cells
c) vaccines
d) nutrients

Certain microbes, foreign tissues, and some cancerous cells can cause immune responses in the body because all three contain
a) antigens
b) cytoplasm
c) fats
d) enzymes

Bacteria and dead cells are removed from circulatory fluid in the
a) lymph nodes
b) alveoli
c) gallbladder
d) urinary bladder

What is a major difference between red blood cells and white blood cells?
a) Red blood cells contain hemoglobin, but white blood cells do not
b) Red blood cells engulf foreign bacteria, but white blood cells do not
c) Red blood cells contain nuclei, but white blood cells do not
d) Red blood cells can move, but white blood cells cannot

The chemical that causes the allergic response during an asthma attack is
a) estrogen
b) methane
c) histamine
d) acetylcholine

A vaccine used against an infectious disease may contain
a) a little bit of the virus
b) a variety of antibiotics
c) dead or weakened pathogens
d) toxic chemicals

Human blood types in the ABO blood group are identified by
a) a series of enzyme-controlled reacrtions
b) microscopic examinations of white blood cells
c) clotting factors found in plasma
d) antigen-antibody reactions

A protein on the surface of HIV can attach to proteins on the surface of healthy human cells. These attachment sites on the surface of cells are known as
a) receptor molecules
b) inorganic catalysts
c) molecular bases
d) genetic codes

Which transplant method would prevent the rejection of tissue after an organ transplant?
a) using organs cloned from cells of the patient
b) using an organ donated by a relative because their proteins are identical
c) using organs only from pigs or monkeys
d) using organs produced by genetic engineering to get rid of all proteins in the donated organs

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