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Georgia was settled by people who had been debtor\'s prison in England. The people established the colony of Georgia for-
a) political reasons
b) religious reasons
c) economic reasons
d) military reasons

Which group from the Church of England established Plymouth Colony?
a) Puritans
b) Debtors
c) Quakers
d) Separatists

Which region had plantations, indentured servants, and few cities?
a) Mid-Atlantic
b) Western
c) Southern
d) New England

Which of the following is an example of interdependence among regions of colonies?
a) Trading to get products your region does not produce
b) using raw materials in your region
c) selling goods in town centers
d) Using skilled and unskilled workers

New England colonists who focused on building ships is an example of-
a) interdependence
b) specialization
c) diversity
d) resources

Fish and Trees can be found in what colonial region?
a) Mid-Atlantic
b) Western
c) Southern
d) New England

"I work as a craftsman, making and selling furniture in a small town and on plantations." Who said this?
a) indentured servant
b) artisan
c) farmer
d) large landowner

Which statement describes a free African-American?
a) worked for pay but were not allowed to vote
b) relied on family members for labor
c) possessed rich social culture and status
d) worked as caretakers and homemakers

All of the following describe British political power over colonists except that-
a) strict laws were enforced by British governors
b) colonists made their own laws
c) colonists had to obey British laws
d) the king appointed colonial governors

Which of the following describes the economic relationship between Great Britain and the colonies?
a) colonists made all the finished products they needed
b) the colonists were independent of Great Britain
c) Great Britain taxed the colonies after the French and Indian War
d) colonial legislatures made laws monitored by governors

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