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If a barometer indicated that the air pressure was 1022 mb and rising, what type of weather should we expect?
a) cool and rainy
b) overcast skies
c) snow
d) clearing skies

A continental polar air mass originate from
a) the north Canada & Arctic Region
b) Bahamas
c) the equator

When air over land is warmer than over water, cool air over water moves over the land to replace the rising air. What type of breeze does this produce?
a) celestial breeze
b) land breeze
c) mountain breeze
d) sea breeze

Wind generally moves from regions of -
a) low pressure towards regions of high pressure
b) low humidity towards regions of high humidity
c) high pressure towards regions of low pressure
d) high humidity towards regions of low humidity

As air pressure increases, the air's capacity to hold water -
a) decreases
b) increases
c) decreases, then increases
d) increases, then decreases

A barometer measures
a) weight
b) air pressure
c) temperature
d) length of a day

A stationary front symbol looks like:
a) triangles
b) half circles
d) triangles and half-circles going in opposite directions

A city is least likely to experience rain when ?
a) there is a high pressure system over it
b) there is a low pressure system over it
c) when there is no air

An air mass moving, from south to north, from the sea is called -
a) continental polar
b) continental tropical
c) maritime polar
d) maritime tropical

Which of these areas would MOST likely have the coldest climate?
a) a low area near the equator
b) a mountainous region near the equator
c) a low area near the south pole
d) a mountainous region near the North Pole

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