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Graphs make it easier to understand data by making it:
a) visual
b) something we hear
c) something we taste
d) disappear

The visible lines on a map or graph that extend left to right are called:
a) longitutde
b) wrinkles
c) latitude
d) diagonal

The visible lines that extend up and down on a globe or map are called:
a) latitude
b) diagonal
c) longitude
d) invisible

Which of the following is the correct latitude of the North Pole?
a) 180N
b) 100N
c) 90N
d) 45N

A bone sample contains only 1/4 of its original radioactive C14 content. The half-life of C14 is 5700 years. What is the age of the bone sample?
a) 2,850 years old
b) 5,700 years old
c) 11,400 years old
d) 17,100 years old

Which of these correctly shows Earth's atmospheric composition?
a) 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, and 1% other
b) 21% oxygen, 78% hydrogen, and 1% other
c) 21% nitrogen, 78% oxygen, and 1% other
d) 21% carbon dioxide, 78% oxygen, and 1% other

Animal life became possible on Earth after -
a) plants moved from the sea to the land
b) oxygen was generated through photosynthesis
c) the sun warmed the planet up
d) the dinosaurs became extinct

Where did the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere come from?
a) volcanic outgassing
b) it was in the atmosphere since Earth first formed
c) photosynthesis of plants
d) meteors

Human activities (transportation, factories, etc.) are responsible for the INCREASE of which of these gasses?
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) ozone
d) hydrogen

The use of certain aerosols and refrigerants have caused a DECREASE in which of these gasses (this gas protects us from harmful UV radiation)?
a) nitrogen
b) ozone
c) carbon dioxide
d) water vapor

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