The Daniel Family Question Preview (ID: 1202)

Vonathon And Mya's Test. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Who is the coolest kid?
a) Both Von and Mya
b) Von
c) Mya
d) Neither

Who is the smartest kid?
a) Both Von and Mya
b) Von
c) Mya
d) Bear

Who is the best toy?
a) Pup pup
b) an old sock
c) a rock
d) Rumtum

Who is the best cat?
a) Rumtum
b) Snoopy
c) Meow
d) A duck

Who is the best Uncle ever?
a) Uncle Jimmy
b) Santa
c) Bear
d) Rumtum

What is Vonathon's favorite sport?
a) basketball
b) golf
c) wrestling
d) poker

Who is the best sister ever?
a) Mya
b) George Bush
c) Barack Obama
d) Grandma

What is the best town in Texas?
a) Little Elm
b) Dallas
c) Arlington
d) Frisco

Who is grandma's favorite grandson?
a) Vonathon
b) Bear
c) Obama
d) Derek Jeter

Who is the favorite granddaughter?
a) Mya
b) Bear
c) Pup pup
d) Frank the mailman

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