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Oxygen, nitrogen, and fluroine bond with hydrogen to form molecules. These molecules are attracted to each other by
a) ionic bonds
b) hydrogen bonds
c) coordinate covalent bonds
d) electrovalent bonds

Which intermolecular force exists between molecules of N2?
a) dipole
b) hydrogen bonding
c) dispersion forces
d) molecule-ion attraction

The kind of attractions that result in the dissolving of calcium sulfide in water are:
a) ion-ion
b) molecule-ion
c) atom-atom
d) molecule-atom

Which molecule is nonpolar and has a symmetrical shape?
a) HF
b) NH3
c) CF4
d) H2S

Which of the following halogens has the weakest dispersion forces of attractions between its molecules?
a) F
b) Cl
c) Br
d) I

Which atom would not participate in hydrogen bonding?
a) O
b) N
c) C
d) F

Compared to the boiling point of H2S, the boiling point of H2O is relatively high. Which type of bonding causes this difference?
a) covalent
b) hydrogen
c) ionic
d) network

In aqueous solution, a chloride ion is attracted to which end of the water molecule?
a) the hydrogen end, which is the postive pole.
b) the hydrogen end, which is the negative pole.
c) the oxygen end, which is the positive pole.
d) the oxygen end, which is the negative pole.

The dispersion forces between molecules always become stronger as molecular size
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains the same

In which chemical system are molecule-ion attractions present?
a) KCl(g)
b) KCl(l)
c) KCl(s)
d) KCl(aq)

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