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What is the relationship between genes and chromosomes?
a) genes are found in every cell, chromosomes are found only in sex cells.
b) Chromosomes determine gender, genes determine other cellular functions
c) Chromosomes are compact storage units for genes
d) Genes and chromosomes are the same thing

The physical characteristics of an organism is know as the organism's
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Genotype
d) Phenotype

The term used to refer to an organism that has two different alleles for the same trait is. . .
a) Heterozygous
b) Homozygous
c) Genotype
d) Phenotype

Which represents the genotype of a homozygous condition?
a) Bb
b) BC
c) bb
d) bc

In pea plants, tall is dominant over short. What size pea plants will result when a pure tall plant is crosses with a pure short plant?
a) Middle-sized plants
b) Short plants
c) Tall plants
d) Some tall and some short plants

All of the following are inherited traits EXCEPT
a) Color blindness of a person
b) Scars on a person's forehead
c) Eye color of a person
d) A widow's peak on a person's forehead.

Sexual reproduction occurs in
a) Plants
b) Animals
c) Some single-celled organisms
d) All of the above

Organisms that have two parents. . .
a) Receive individual traits from only one parent.
b) Receive a full set of genes from each parent.
c) Exhibit traits from only one parent.
d) Exhibit traits from each parent.

What is the major cause of variation within a species?
a) Sexual Reproduction
b) Asexual Reproduction
c) Extinction
d) Photosynthesis

If two short-winged flies mated and the resulting offspring had some short-winged and tall-winged flies. What could the explanation be?
a) The short-wings must be a dominant trait
b) Having tall wings must be the dominant trait.
c) A fly with tall wings must be homozygous dominant
d) The parents must have had a combination of the traits they passed on to the offspring.

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