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Which is only a physical change?
a) Souring of milk
b) Burning of oil
c) Melting of ice
d) Rusting of iron

A chemical change always
a) forms one or more new substances
b) absorbs heat
c) releases heat
d) releases energy

Food cooks faster at higher temperature. This is because, as the temperature increases, the rate of a chemical reaction usually
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) none of the above

A molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2) is made of one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen.
a) an element because it is made of one type of atom
b) an element because it is made of two types of atoms
c) a compound because it is made of one type of atom
d) a compound because it is made of two types of atoms

Which subatomic particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?
a) Positively charged protons
b) Positively charged electrons
c) Negatively charged neutrons
d) Negatively charged electrons

Atoms in a molecule are joined together by
a) Electricity
b) Chemical bonds
c) Magnitism
d) Gravity

Which of the following substances is NOT an element?
a) calcium
b) hydrogen
c) carbon
d) water

Hydrogen is not longer used in balloons because it is too
a) malleable
b) metallic
c) reactive
d) stable

A mixture that can be separated with a magnet is
a) salt and water
b) sugar and salt
c) sugar and water
d) salt and iron

Which of the following substances an example of a compound?
a) sodium
b) water
c) sand and water
d) oxygen

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