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Ikea is an example of a
a) Warehouse
b) Community Shopping Center
c) Regional Shopping Center
d) Super-Regional Shopping Center

You should locate your business in the downtown area if
a) your customers can shop easily at your business on their breaks or to and from work
b) you are afraid of locating in a high crime area
c) you want a low rent
d) you need to have parking spaces available for your customers

The layout of a service business where people come to the business location
a) should be considered just as carefully as that of a retail business
b) you need to keep the merchandise close to the shipping dock
c) need to be in one story buildings
d) doesnt matter

This is the type of store with inviting window displays and creatively displayed merchandise
a) Retail Business
b) Manufacturing Business
c) Wholesale Business
d) Service Business

All businesses need standard items such as furniture, lamps, and office supplies.
a) True
d) False

How do you determine rent per customer?
a) Rent per month divided by projected customer traffic per month
b) You sit there and count people entering the store for an entire month
c) It is impossible
d) Projected customer traffic per month divided by rent per month

A net lease
a) occurs when the landlord pays building insurance, and the tenant pays rent, taxes, and other expense
b) the location and availablity of potential buildings
c) is when the tenant pays a base rent each month
d) is when you buy a building

A quote is
a) an estimate for how much your supplier will pay you for the merchandise or service
b) not good for business or personal practices
c) something you do not want to shop around for
d) an estimate for how much you will pay for the merchandise or service

How low you set the reorder point depends on
a) how long it takes your supplier to get merchandise to you
b) all of these are viable answers
c) how important it is for you not to be out of stock
d) how many units of the item you sell each month

Indicating on a map all the areas in which you expect that might be appropriate for your business is called...
a) Trade Area
b) Inventory
c) Vendors
d) Zoning

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