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What type of rock is formed from material that has settled into layers?
a) sedimentary rock
b) mineral rock
c) metamorphic rock
d) igneous rock

A mineral is...
a) an object that is solid, formed in nature, and has never been alive.
b) a rock that formed from material that has settled into layers.
c) a rock that was once melted and then cooled and hardened.
d) the remains of a living thing that died long ago.

Which is most important in forming igneous rocks?
a) fossil models
b) dead plants and animals
c) cool temperatures
d) melting

Which can scientists infer about a place that has fish fossils?
a) the kind of food the animal ate
b) what ate this kind of animal
c) what animals are like today
d) that a sea once covered the area

What is formed when mud or minerals fill a mold?
a) cast
b) wood
c) rock
d) fossil

Which is true of all minerals?
a) They are all hard.
b) They were once animals.
c) They were made of rocks.
d) They were never alive.

What is one thing scientists learn from fossils?
a) how rocks form
b) about once-living things that no longer exist
c) what animals are like today
d) what sediments are

How are casts different from molds?
a) Casts are only found in the mantle.
b) Casts are fossils. Molds are not.
c) Casts are materials that fill up a mold.
d) Casts are plant fossils. Molds are animal fossils.

Which tells a way most minerals are identified?
a) beauty
b) streak
c) smell
d) heat

What is the hardest mineral on the Mohs scale?
a) apatite
b) talc
c) diamond
d) copper

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