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In what part of a plant is food made?
a) flower
b) leaf
c) root
d) stem

Why are plant fossils not as common as animal fossils?
a) Plants don't have teeth.
b) Plants are smaller than animals.
c) There are more animals than plants.
d) The soft parts of plants are easily destroyed.

Which of the following is not a mineral?
a) diamond
b) gold
c) granite
d) quartz

Which is an imprint fossil?
a) bones
b) dinosaur tracks
c) shells
d) teeth

What type of rock is formed from volcanoes?
a) igneous
b) metamorphic
c) sandstone
d) sedimentary

What are the three layers of Earth?
a) center, middle, outer
b) core, mantle, crust
c) core, mineral, center
d) mantle, inner, outer

What properties are used to identify a mineral?
a) shape and streak
b) size and streak
c) hardness, streak, and color
d) color, shape, and hardness

What do you call the color of the powder left behind by a mineral when it's rubbed against a rough white tile?
a) hematite
b) quartz
c) rock
d) streak

What type of rock was once melted and then cooled and hardened?
a) sedimentary rock
b) igneous rock
c) metamorphic rock
d) mineral rock

What type of rock has been changed by heat and pressure.
a) sedimentary rock
b) igneous rock
c) metamorphic rock
d) mineral rock

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