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An adaptation is
a) a characteristic that helps an organism survive
b) a characteristic that helps an organism reproduce
c) something an organism is born with
d) all the choices

member of a species
a) have the same DNA
b) can produce fertile offspring
c) have different characteristics
d) 2 of the choices

populations are
a) groups of the same species living in the same place
b) the amount of species living in the a place
c) groups of different species living in the same place
d) all of the choices

when populations change over time it is called
a) evolution
b) natural selection
c) survival of the fittest
d) speciation

new species descend from
a) older species
b) evolved species
c) dead species
d) mad species

fossils are
a) remains of organisms buried in rock
b) remains of organisms
c) older in higher layers of the Earth
d) 2 of the choices

what is a timeline of life?
a) fossil record
b) evolution
c) natural selection
d) speciation

the fossil record organizes fossils by
a) estimated ages
b) physical similarities
c) both of the choices
d) none of the choices

Israelis, Canadians, and Americans are examples of
a) populations
b) different species
c) adaptations
d) fossils

all living things
a) evolved from a common ancestor
b) evolved from apes
c) 2 of the choices
d) evolved from combined species

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