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Comparing tools made of stone, iron, and bronze, what is the correct order, from softest to hardest?
a) Stone, iron, bronze
b) Iron, bronze, stone
c) Stone, bronze, iron
d) Bronze, stone, iron

What is the most significant result of the development of windmills and waterwheels?
a) The rise and fall of feudalism
b) Humans no longer had to use their muscle to move machines
c) Popularity of money and capitalism
d) Beginning of industrialization

What device in common use today can claim a design by Leonardo da Vinci as its predecessor?
a) Tank
b) Plane
c) Truck
d) Four-Wheel-Drive Jeep

What event from the early 1900s had the most significant effect on the progress of science and invention?
a) The development of the transistor
b) The development of the automobile
c) The development of the waterwheel
d) The development of the pumpInformation Age devices are used to process and exchange information. Whi

Information Age devices are used to process and exchange information. Which of the following does not do this as its primary function?
a) Ipod
b) Laptop
c) GPS Receiver
d) Electric Powered Vehicle

Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities is the definition of what.
a) Technology
b) Energy
c) Manufacturing
d) Universal System

Which age Includes earliest civilizations and the development of metallurgy, mainly the combining of copper and tin to make bronze
a) Bronze Age
b) Iron Age
c) Information Age
d) Middle Age

Military dominance for uses of iron weapons and the use of iron-bladed plows enabled humans to increase food production.
a) Iron Age
b) Industrial Age
c) Middle Age
d) Bronze Age

First use of complex machinery, and people move from the country to the city to work in factories.
a) Industrial Age
b) Iron Age
c) Middle Age
d) Stone Age

He was born in Italy in 1452. Beginning his career as an artist, painting and sculpting, he was soon put to work designing weapons.
a) Leonardo Da Vinci
b) James Watts
c) Alessandro Volta
d) Peter Van Musschenbroek

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