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Which of these substances plays the most important part in chemical weathering?
a) Wind
b) Water
c) Ice
d) Frost

Which of the following is an example of chemical weathering?
a) Splits in a rock due to tree roots
b) Pulverized rock resulting from a landslide
c) A rock broken down into chunks after being carried by rapidly flowing water
d) The dissolving of limestone by acid rain

The open space between rock or soil particles is called
a) a crevasse
b) aeration space
c) depletion area
d) pore space

The Grand Canyon was formed by which of the following?
a) running water
b) high winds
c) a volcano
d) earthquakes

What causes the
a) The weight of the atmosphere presses down on the groundwater in the well.
b) The ground below the well acts as a vaccum sucking out the water.
c) Gravity pulls down the water beneath the well.
d) As water is drawn from the well, it takes time for the groundwater to restore the level.

What occurs in the coastal providence of Virginia?
a) erosion and deposition
b) tilting and faulting
c) folding and faulting
d) tilting and folding

Building a house or a road on top of an area of karst topography could be dangerous. Why?
a) sinkholes
b) earthquakes
c) volcanoes
d) hurricanes

Caves are craved from which type of rock?
a) limestone
b) granite
c) conglomerate
d) sandstone

Soil is formed primarily by
a) erosion by glaciers
b) erosion by running water
c) human activity
d) weathering and biological activity

Which condition would cause surface runoff to increase in a particular location?
a) Covering a dirt road with pavement
b) Reducing the slope of a steep hill
c) Planting grasses and shrubs on a hillside
d) Having a decrease in the annual rainfall

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