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_______________ is Friday.
a) Today
b) Whatever
c) Tomorrow
d) Beleive

__________ will I do with all these cookies?
a) Been
b) Whatever
c) Finally
d) Ccaught

I do not _____________ that the turtle will win the race.
a) been
b) believe
c) caught
d) whatever

We __________ two fish.
a) beleive
b) snicker
c) caught
d) tomorrow

We've __________ happy all day.
a) been
b) consume
c) today
d) whatever

We will go to Media __________
a) today
b) caught
c) believe
d) delicious

It is __________ time to go home.
a) been
b) caught
c) finally
d) whatever

That apple was __________.
a) caught
b) delicious
c) consume
d) been

The dog will __________ all the food.
a) whatever
b) today
c) tomorrow
d) consume

It is not nice to _________ at others.
a) snicker
b) delicious
c) tomorrow
d) today

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