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In a ________ energy transformation one form of energy is transformed into_________
a) single; another
b) single; many other forms of energy
c) multiple; another
d) multiple; 2 forms of energy

A series of energy transformations is required for which type of energy transformation?
a) multiple
b) single
c) double
d) triple

What is the most common energy transformation?
a) the transformation between kinetic and potential energy
b) the transformation between electrical and electromagnetic energy
c) the transformation between nuclear and chemical energy
d) the transformation between thermal and mechanical energy

A ball is thrown in the air. At the highest point
a) it stops moving
b) its potential energy is greatest
c) its kinetic energy is greatest
d) 2 of the choices

At the lowest point on a pendulum
a) the kinetic energy is greatest
b) it stops moving
c) its potential energy is greatest
d) 2 of the choices

Potential energy is stored in a pole vault when
a) the pole bends
b) the pole is straight
c) the vaulter jumps
d) the vaulter runs

the law of conservation of energy states that
a) energy cannot be created or destroyed
b) some energy can be created but no energy can be destroyed
c) no energy can be created but some energy can be destroyed
d) energy can be created or destroyed

Friction involves the transfer of
a) kinetic energy into thermal energy
b) potential energy into thermal energy
c) thermal energy into kinetic energy
d) thermal energy into potential energy

Einstein discovered that
a) matter can be transformed into energy
b) matter is always conserved
c) energy is always conserved
d) none of the choices

Thermal energy is produced when a firefighter slides down a pole. Where does it come from?
a) friction transforming mechanical energy
b) the pole's inner heat
c) the firefighter's suit
d) friction transforming chemical energy

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