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A ____ is a group of one or more persons elected or appointed to consider, investigate to take action on certain matter.
a) Team
b) Committee
c) Chapter
d) Group

A call for the ______ is to stop debate and force a vote on pending motion.
a) Delay
b) Motion to place on table
c) Previous question
d) Division of assembly

Who should sign the minutes?
a) Secretary or person serving in role of secretary in the absence of the secretary
b) President
c) Both President and Secretary
d) Treasurer

A(n) committee has preference in order of business.
a) Standing
b) Appointed
c) Assigned
d) Meeting

______ is to obtain information about meeting procedure
a) Parliamentary Inquiry
b) Point of Information
c) Point of Order
d) Divsion of assembly

What does the chair do in order to participate in debate?
a) Speak from the chair
b) Relinquish the chair to vice president or another member
c) Writes it down
d) Tells members to not consider his/her opinion while speaking from the chair

To introduce new business the member makes a
a) Main motion
b) Plea for support
c) Display of their intent
d) Subsidary motion

Which class of motions do not relate to the pending business, but have to do with special matters of immediate and overriding importance?
a) Subsidiary motions
b) Incidental motions
c) Priviledged motions
d) Division of assembly

Which of the following motions does not require a two-third vote?
a) Previous Question
b) Rescind
c) Reconsider
d) Limit debate

According to Robert's Rules of Order, what should be the last item of business in a meeting?
a) Special orders
b) New business
c) Report of special committees
d) Reading of minutes

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