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Quartz is a mineral; granite is...
a) also a mineral
b) mica
c) glass
d) a rock

A classification of metamorphic rocks would include whether they are...
a) foliated or nonfoliated
b) basaltic or granitic
c) instrusive or extrusive
d) chemical or organic

The rock cycle indicates that each type of rock can...
a) all of these
b) be changed by natural processes
c) form other types of rocks
d) provide materials to make other rocks

Pumice, obsidian, and scoria are kinds of...
a) intrusive rocks
b) andesitic rocks
c) volcanic glass
d) granite

A rock is _______________.
a) A mixture of minerals, organic matter, volcanic glass, or other materials
b) either igneous or sedimentary
c) a pure mineral
d) always made of molten material

A highly prized mineral
a) gem
b) a mineral that contains silicon and oxygen
c) a solid with patterns
d) hot, melted rock

The Moh's scale measures the _______ of a mineral.
a) hardness
b) streak
c) luster
d) cut

___________ is the way a mineral reflects light.
a) luster
b) streak
c) texture
d) cleavage

Minerals that break along smooth, flat surfaces have...
a) cleavage
b) fractures
c) luster
d) streak

Streak is the _________ of a mineral in its powdered form.
a) color
b) texture
c) luster
d) cleavage

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