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What Industrial Revolution invention is characterized by assembly line mass production?
a) Automobile
b) Telegraph
c) Airplane
d) Electric Light

Which statement best describes the change in the United States\' economy during the Industrial Revolution?
a) The economy changed from one based on farming to one based on agriculture.
b) The economy changed from one based on industry to one based on farming.
c) The economy changed from one based on agriculture to one based on industry.
d) The economy changed from one based on agriculture to one based on farming.

How did the transcontinental railroad contribute to the Industrial Revolution?
a) The railroad shipped raw materials, like grain and iron ore, to cities so they could be processed.
b) The railroad did not contribute to the Industrial Revolution.
c) The railroad led to the creation of skyscrapers in boomtowns of the West.
d) The railroad encouraged immigrants to move to the east.

This communication invention used Morse Code to relay messages:
a) The telephone
b) The light bulb
c) The phonograph
d) The telegraph

The telephone was invented in 1876 and was eventuall found in almost every home. Who invented the telephone?
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Orville Wright
c) Thomas Edison
d) Samuel Morse

How did the light bulb promote economic growth?
a) It made it possible to light factories more safely than kerosene lamps and candles.
b) It made travel faster and more efficient.
c) It made it necessary for people to live close to where they worked.
d) It made it easier to communicate over long distances.

Which two inventions were developed by Thomas Edison?
a) Steam engine and light bulb
b) Transatlantic cable and light bulb
c) Phonograph and light bulb
d) Gasoline engine and light bulb

Whose flying machine flew for 12 seconds at Kitty hawk, NC, and led to the beginning of the aircraft industry?
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) The Wright Brothers
c) The Duryea Brothers
d) William E. Boeing

Which of the following inventors is associated with the invention of the sewing machine?
a) Thomas Edison
b) Christopher Shoals
c) Henry Ford
d) Isaac Singer

Which of the following inventors had the most US patents during his lifetime?
a) Henry Ford
b) Thomas Edison
c) The Wright Brothers
d) Elias Howe

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