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Magma that reaches Earth's surface and flows from volcanoes is called...
a) lava
b) intrusive
c) foliated
d) stacked

Rocks that have changed because of changes in temperature and pressure or the presence of hot, watery fluids are called __________ rock.
a) metamorphic
b) igneous
c) sedimentary
d) mineral

Rocks that form as lava cools on the surface of earth are called...
a) extrusive
b) intrusive
c) foliated
d) nonfoliated

Rocks that form from magma below the surface are called...
a) intrusive
b) extrusive
c) foliated
d) nonfoliated

Rocks with mineral grains lined up in parallel layers are called...
a) foliated
b) nonfoliated
c) intrusive
d) extrusive

Rocks with mineral grains that do not form layers are called...
a) nonfoliated
b) foliated
c) instrusive
d) extrusive

Magma that cools below the Earth's surface forms _____ rock.
a) intrusive igneous rocks
b) extrusive metamorphic rocks
c) intrusive metamorphic rocks
d) extrusive igneous rocks

Foliated rocks are distinguished by ___________.
a) layers
b) large pores
c) large mineral grains
d) shape and size of sediments

Lava that cools quickly forms _______________ rocks.
a) extrusive igneous rocks
b) extrusive metamorphic rocks
c) intrusive igneous rocks
d) intrusive metamorphic rocks

Metamorphic rocks can be formed from all of the following EXCEPT...
a) the formation of minerals from solutions
b) temperature
c) pressure
d) the presence of hot, watery liquids

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