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Why are the partcles in matter always moving?
a) because they have energy
b) because they are being pushed
c) because of their mass
d) because of gravity

The change of state from liqid to gas is called
a) evaporation
b) condensation
c) freezing
d) melting

An xample of a chemical property is
a) flammability
b) boiling point
c) density
d) volume

The chemical changes that occur during photosnythesis
a) obey the law of conservation and mass
b) cause new matter to be created
c) are an exception to the law of conservation and mass
d) are not effected by the law of conservation and mass

The particles known as the bilding blocks of matter are
a) atoms
b) molecules
c) elements
d) compounds

Evaporation is what occus when
a) a liquid becomes a gas
b) a gas becomes a liquid
c) a solid becomes a liquid
d) a gas becomes a plasma

Less helium would be needed to fill a balloon on a(n)
a) rainy day
b) hot day
c) humid day
d) cold day

The smallest paricle into which an element can be divided and still be the same substance is called
a) nucleus
b) electron
c) atom
d) neutron

How would you describe the nucleus?
a) dense, positively charged
b) large, positively charged
c) tiny, negatively charged
d) dense, negatively charged

An atom of gold with 79 protons, 79 electrons, 18neutrons would have a mass number of
a) 158
b) 197
c) 276
d) 39

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