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A person is attracted towards the center of the earth by a 500-N gravitational force. The force with which the earth is attracted toward the person is __________.
a) very very small
b) 500-N
c) very very large
d) there is no force

A Mack truck and a Volkswagen traveling at the same speed have a head-on collision. The vehicle to undergo the greater change in velocity will be the __________.
a) Mack truck
b) Volkswagen
c) both the same
d) Neither one of them had velocity to begin with.

A rocket is able to accelerate in the vacuum of space when it fires its engines. The force that propels the rocket is the force __________.
a) of the exhaust gases on the rocket.
b) of the rocket on the exhaust gases.
c) neither A nor B
d) It runs on solar power.

Accelerations are produced by
a) velocities
b) accelerations.
c) masses
d) forces

The acceleration produced by a net force on an object is____________.
a) in the sane direction as the net force
b) inversely proportional to the mass of the object
c) directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force
d) All of these are true.

Pressure is defined as ___________.
a) distance per time
b) velocity per time
c) time per area
d) force per area

If the force on a cart doubles, what happens to the cart’s acceleration?
a) It halves
b) It doubles
c) It stays the same
d) It quarters

Suppose a cart is being moved by a force. If suddenly a load is dumped into the cart so that the cart’s mass doubles, what happens to the cart’s acceleration?
a) It doubles
b) It halves
c) It quadruples
d) It quarters

A tow truck exerts a force of 3000 N on a car, accelerating it at 2 m/s2. What is the mass of the car?
a) 3000 kg
b) 500 kg
c) 1000 kg
d) 1500 kg

A ball is left in the inside of a cabin of an air plane. When the plane accelerates forward, the ball rolls to the back of the cabin. What happens when the plan stops?
a) It is thrown harder against the back.
b) It rolls to the front of the cabin.
c) The ball's inertia keeps it against the back.
d) The ball is not affected by the stop (deceleration).

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