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What do all organisms depend on?
a) population
b) communities
c) energy
d) consumers

Organisms are __________________by they get energy.
a) chosen
b) grouped
c) paired
d) separated

What is another name for food level?
a) trophic level
b) consumer level
c) producer level
d) decomposer level

What do decomposers do with the nutrients that they break down?
a) separate them
b) absorb them
c) store them
d) nothing

How is energy moved from one organism to another?
a) when one organism chases another organism, energy is moved
b) when one organism is close by another organism, energy is moved
c) when one organism touches another organism, energy is moved
d) when one organism eats another organism, energy is moved

How is energy transferred from a molecule of sugar (glucose) to ATP?
a) cellular reproduction
b) cellular respiration
c) cellular photosynthesis
d) cellular reconstruction

Where will chlorophyll be found in the chloroplast?
a) in the stroma
b) in the inner membrane
c) in the thylakoid membrane
d) in the intermembrane space

Where are the grana located?
a) in the stroma
b) in the thylakoid
c) in the inner membrane
d) in the intermembrane space

What is the waste product of photosynthesis?
a) O2
b) CO2
c) H2O
d) C6H12O6

The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are also known as the
a) calvin cycle
b) preistly cycle
c) benson cycle
d) van Helmont cycle

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