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An arrow in a bow has 70 J of potential energy. Assuming no loss of energy to heat, how much kinetic energy will it have after it has been shot?
a) 35 J
b) 140 J
c) 70 J
d) 0 J

A job is done slowly, and an identical job is done quickly. Both jobs require the same amount of work, but different amounts of ________.
a) energy
b) power
c) both
d) neither

A hammer strikes a nail with a 10 N force for 0.01 seconds. Calculate the impulse of the hammer.
a) 0.01 kg m/s
b) 0.10 kg m/s
c) 1.0 kg m/s
d) 10 kg m/s

The following footwear is best in the laboratory:
a) sandals
b) open-toed shoes
c) close-toed shoes
d) shoes appropriate for the weather

Horseplay or practical jokes in the laboratory are
a) always against the rules.
b) okay.
c) not dangerous.
d) okay if you are working alone.

The following activity is permitted in the laboratory:
a) chewing gum
b) eating
c) drinking
d) none of these

Which of the following has the least momentum?
a) .01 kg mass moving at 200 m/s
b) 1 kg mass moving at 35 m/s
c) 100 kg mass moving at 3 m/s
d) 2000 kg mass moving at 0.1 m/s

The recoil momentum of a cannon that kicks is _____ the momentum of the cannonball it fires.
a) more than
b) less than
c) the same as
d) If you choose this answer, you will get the problem wrong.

Whenever an object exerts a force on another object, the second object exerts a force of the same magnitude, but in the opposite direction to that of the first object.
a) always true
b) sometimes true
c) always false
d) Forces aren't real.

A high school student hits a nail with a hammer. During the collision, there is a force___________.
a) on the nail and also on the hammer
b) on the hammer but not on the nail.
c) on the nail but not on the hammer.
d) It is illegal for students to use hammers, so this is a ridiculous question.

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