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If there is a motion on the floor, and something else of immedidate urgency arises, What is the best procedure to follow?
a) Postpone the main motion indefinitely
b) Refer it to a committee to act on it
c) Lay it on the table temporarily
d) Postpone the main motion indefinitely to the next meeting

Which of the following incidental motions is debatable?
a) Suspend the rules
b) Parliamentary inquiry
c) Division of the assembly
d) Appeal

During debate on a main motion, a member rises and moves the previous question, if 31 votes are cast how many have to vote in favor of the previous quiestion in order for it to pas
a) 15
b) 16
c) 20
d) 21

The maker of the motion
a) Has the first right to the floor if he/she claims it
b) Has last right to the floor if he/she claims it
c) Cannot speak for motion once it is made
d) Is required to speak first for the motion

Which of the following motions is not a motion that brings a question again before the assembly?
a) Take from the table
b) Withdraw a motion
c) Rescind
d) Reconsider

A quorum is
a) The largest number that can be expected to attend a meeting, except in bad weather
b) The majority of members present
c) The minimum number of members who must be present for business to be transacted
d) Fifty percent

A motion to limit or extend limits of debate can:
a) Limit the time set for debate
b) Limit the number of members who can debate a motion
c) Limit the amount of time each member can debate a motion
d) All of the above

A voting procedure used to save time when there seems to be no opposition or when no formal vote is taken is called:
a) General consent
b) Show of hands
c) Secret ballot
d) Standing vote

If a member notices an infraction of parliamentary procedure, they will call
a) A point of order
b) For an out of order infraction
c) A parlimentary procedure question
d) Point of personal priviledge

If a member makes a motion that is not in order
a) He/she should be censured
b) He/she should be ruled out of order by the chair
c) The chair may suggest an alternate motion
d) The member should be removed from the meeting

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