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A boulder at the top of a vertical cliff has a potential energy of 100 MJ relative to the ground below. It rolls off the cliff. When it is halfway to the ground its kinetic energy
a) the same as its potential energy at that point
b) negligible
c) about 60 MJ
d) more than 60 MJ

Suppose you put in 100 J of work on a lever and get out 93 J of work. How much of the work input is lost as heat?
a) 7%
b) 93%
c) 100%
d) 1.1%

Torque _____.
a) produces rotational acceleration.
b) is caused by a turning force.
c) is caused by an applied force acting through a lever arm.
d) All of these statements are true.

Which statement is TRUE of an object that spins when it’s thrown through the air?
a) All parts of the object follow a parabolic path.
b) The object spins about its center of mass.
c) No part of the object follows a parabolic path.
d) All of these statements are true.

Which statement is true about toppling?
a) Toppling occurs when an unbalanced torque exists.
b) Toppling occurs when a vertical line through the center of gravity (CG) falls within the object’s ba
c) Toppling occurs whenever the center of gravity is above the support area.
d) All of these statements are true.

A meter stick is suspended at its midpoint and two blocks are attached. A 10-N block is attached 20 cm to the left of the midpoint. Where must a 40-N block be placed to balance?
a) 5 cm to the right of the midpoint
b) 20 cm to the right of the midpoint
c) 10 cm to the right of the midpoint
d) 25 cm to the right of the midpoint

Which description would produce the greatest torque?
a) small force, short lever arm
b) large force, short lever arm
c) small force, long lever arm
d) large force, long lever arm

In physics, work is defined as______________.
a) force divided by time
b) force times time
c) force times distance
d) distances divided by time

If you apply 25 N of force on a box over 10 meters, how much work did you do on the box?
a) 250 J
b) 30 J
c) 15 J
d) 0.4 J

How much farther will a car traveling at 100 km/s skid than the same car traveling at 50 km/s?
a) twice as far
b) half as far
c) four times as far
d) the same distances

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