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The first stage of photosynthesis is
a) light dependent
b) ATP driven
c) glucose driven
d) temperature dependent

Which organelle is responsible for energy production in the cell?
a) vesicle
b) lisosome
c) ribosome
d) mitochondria

Which process is the major source of oxygen released into the atmosphere?
a) cellular respiration
b) the weathering of rocks
c) automobile exhaust
d) photosynthesis

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often considered opposites. Why?
a) Photosynthesis releases water and cellular respiration consumes water.
b) Photosynthesis produces oxygen and cellular respiration uses oxygen.
c) Photosynthesis occurs during the day and cellular respiration occurs at night.
d) Photosynthesis produces more ATP then cellular respiration.

Which of the following molecules is used as energy for chemical reactions in cells?
a) DNA
b) ADP
c) ATP
d) RNA

Which of the following occurs during photosynthesis?
a) CO²is used to produce water.
b) CO² and H2O are combined into carbonic acid.
c) CO² and H2O are converted by carbohydrates.
d) CO² is absorbed by mitochondria

The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are also known as the
a) Calvin cycle
b) Priestly Cycle
c) Benson cycle
d) Van Helmot cycle

Where will chlorophyll be found in the chloroplasts?
a) in the stroma
b) in the inner membrane
c) in the thylakoid membrane
d) in the intermembrane space

Where are the grana located?
a) in the stroma
b) in the thylakoids
c) in the inner membrane
d) in the intermembrane

What is the waste product of photosynthesis?
a) O²
b) CO²
c) H²O
d) C6H12O6

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