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What are the large transmission lines that travel long distances?
a) checksum
b) backbone
c) header
d) domain name system

What is a collection of computer networks that communicate with each other using a common set of rules?
a) internet
b) checksum
c) packet
d) protocol

What is the organization that coordinates the assignment of internet addresses and domain names?
a) World Wide Web Consortium
b) Internet Society
c) Transmission control protoco

What is a group of connected computers and devices called?
a) checksum
b) domain name system
c) computer network
d) internet protocol

What is a device that examines packets and decides the path the packets shoud take?
a) WWW Consortium
b) protocol
c) router
d) network

What are the small pieces of data that travel over a packet-switched network called?
a) name server
b) packet
c) address
d) LAN

What is a number that allows a packet to be checked for errors when it is received?
a) header
b) internet
c) checksum
d) protocol

What is a set of rules that determine how communication occurs?
a) protocol
b) router
c) network
d) packet

What is a network that typically spans only one building or a group of buildings in the same area.
a) internet society
b) packet-switched network
c) local area network
d) name server

What is an internet address?
a) network
b) IP address
c) router
d) protocol

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