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What is the application of Science
a) Scientific Method
b) Science
c) society
d) Technology

Which the following is the smallest measurement
a) Kilometer
b) millimeter
c) meter
d) centimeter

mass per unit of volume
a) density
b) mass
c) volume
d) weight

An exact quantity that people agree to use for camparison is a
a) control
b) hypothesis
c) model
d) standard

A testable prediction
a) hypothesis
b) model
c) standard
d) theory

The amount of space occupied by an object is called
a) density
b) masss
c) volume
d) weight

In a graph the variable on the horizontal axis is
a) variable with the largetst range
b) variable with the smallest range
c) dependent variable
d) independent variable

An explanation of an event that is based on repeated observations and experiments is
a) problem
b) hypothesis
c) theory
d) variable

the standard for comparison that helps to ensure that experimenal results are valid
a) control
b) independent variable
c) constant
d) dependent variable

Discovered the positivly charged nucleus
a) thomson
b) bohr
c) rutherford
d) Taylor

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