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A cubes density is 9.42 g/cm cubed, if you cut it in half it's density would be
a) 4.71
b) 9.42
c) 18.84
d) can not be determined

What is the density of matter with a mass of 24g and and a volume of 4cm cubed
a) 12
b) 6
c) 86
d) 8

Aluminum is an example of
a) compound
b) molecule
c) element
d) gas

When a bomb explodes, mass is
a) gained
b) lost
c) neither gained nor lost
d) gained then lost

What is a substance in which two or more elements are combined in a fixed proportion
a) atom
b) compound
c) element
d) mixture

Rusting of a car is an example of a
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical property
d) chemcial change

Sharpening of a pencil is an example of
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical property
d) chemcial change

the scattering of light by colloids is
a) tyndell effect
b) conservation
c) air pollution
d) suspension

the volume of an object measuring 10 cm by 5 cm by 2 cm would be
a) 100 cm squared
b) 100 cm
c) 100 cm cubed
d) 100 mm

The makeup of gases in air would be best represented by a
a) pie chart
b) bar graph
c) line graph
d) variable graph

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