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Management communication is:
a) The sharing of information, in which receiver understands meaning of message in way sender intended
b) The receiver’s response to a sender’s message
c) Anything that interferes w/ sender’s creating & delivering message & receiver’s getting & interpret
d) How people consciously or unconsciously change messages

The system of official channels that carry organizationally approved messages is called:
a) Informal communication
b) Grapevine
c) Communication network
d) Formal communication

Unofficial ways that employees share information in an organization is called:
a) Informal communication
b) Grapevine
c) Communication network
d) Formal communication

The most effective technique a manager can use to improve organizational communication is:
a) Regular memos
b) Monthy employee evaluations
c) Regular meetings with employees
d) Daily reports

Which of the following is NOT related to the concept of ethics?
a) Ethics refers to standards of moral conduct
b) Ethics helps define what behavior is seen as right or wrong
c) Ethics always show what is right and what is wrong
d) Ethical behavior is closely linked to personal values

The duty of a business to contribute to the well-being of society is called:
a) Business ethics
b) Business responsibility
c) Constituency analysis
d) Social responsibility

A formal, published collection of values and rules that reflect the firm’s philosophy and goals:
a) Ethics
b) Social responsibility
c) Code of ethics
d) Business ethics

Telecommuting means:
a) Selling by telephone
b) Using an office as a telecommunications cente
c) Selling over the internet
d) Working by communication technology instead of showing up at an office

Business activities that occur between two or more countries is called:
a) International monetary fund
b) None of these
c) International business
d) North American Free Trade Agreement

The theory that a country should specialize in products or services that it can provide more efficiently than can other countries is called:
a) International specialization
b) Competitive advantage theory
c) Specialization theory
d) Comparative advantage theory

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