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I was a little cloudy as to what Mr. Haines was referring.
a) I didn't like Mr. Haines.
b) I thought it was raining.
c) I didn't quite understand.
d) I did understand.

The soap was a slippery eel as I tried to hold onto it in the shower.
a) The soap was made of eel.
b) The soap was hard to hold.
c) The soap was a new brand.
d) The soap looked like an eel.

The angry man's steps were thunder.
a) There was a thunderstorm.
b) The man could walk on clouds.
c) The man was so mad that he was stomping around.
d) It was raining outside

The room became an icebox every time the air conditioning went on.
a) You must leave the refrigerator door open to stay cool.
b) It is hot inside the room.
c) It is cold in the air conditioned room
d) An icebox is a good way to keep warm.

Zachary's boss was a beast and had no sympathy for anyone.
a) Zachary's boss was an actor.
b) Zachary's boss was an animal
c) Zachary's boss was mean.
d) Zachary's boss became nice.

Tanya's baby is such an angel because all she does is eat and sleep.
a) Tanya's baby will play in the NNFL.
b) Tanya's baby is very good.
c) Tanya's baby died.
d) Tanya's baby cries a lot.

The stars were diamonds in the nighttime sky.
a) The stars are falling.
b) The stars were bright and sparkling.
c) The stars are expensive.
d) The stars are not out tonight.

At twelve years old, Jenna is a blooming flower.
a) Jenna is growing up.
b) Jenna is about to run away from home.
c) Jenna is in college.
d) Jenna is very sick.

Mark had been such a pig at the party that there was no food left for anyone else.
a) Mark smelled like the garbage can.
b) Mark ate a lot of food.
c) Mark was fat.
d) Mark smelled.

The detective is working to plow through the rubble in the case.
a) The detective is going over the information to separate truth from lies.
b) The detective is giving up on the case.
c) The detective is planning a vacation.
d) The detective is planning funeral.

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